My Platform


What took place over the past two years was a crime against Pennsylvanians. Politicians abused emergency powers to categorize citizens in an unprecedented way. They deemed individuals as "essential" or "non-essential".


They decided what "essential" meant. They determined who could work and provide for their families. They decided whether your local businesses could remain open. They allowed big box stores to continue to operate while closing small businesses. They provided exemptions for the politically connected and threatened those who complained.

We have only seen the short-term effects of this government overreach to date. Even those are horrifying. We see increased deaths due to suicide and despair. We see tragic, preventable deaths due to the reduction in medical appointments and screenings. We see massive instability in the job market, coupled with historic inflation. We see an increase in childhood depression and obesity. We see delays in social and emotional development in young children.

Each of these is a direct result of the state government's inept COVID response. We will suffer from the long-term social and economic effects for years, if not decades. We will suffer as individuals, as families, and as communities.


We will recover. We will rebuild. We will regain what was taken from us. We also need to tell the government that we will not let this ever be done to us again.


I will do everything in my power to ensure that the state and federal governments never do this again.


Politicians like to brag about how they create jobs - but we know that's not true. The government doesn't produce anything. It takes your money and gives it to someone else. Or it creates a regulation that tells a business they need to hire a new employee.  Every job government “creates” is paid for by someone else.


So when the government “creates” jobs by “investment”, they're not creating - they're taking. They take your money and give it to corporations or other special interest groups. Or they take a small business' freedom away by creating regulations telling them how to spend their money or who they have to hire.

When the government does that, it removes money from the market. That's money that could be used by you or by a local business to purchase different products and services. You spending your money at businesses that want to serve you is how we - not politicians!- create jobs


Imagine what it would be like if the government decided to pass a new regulation banning dump trucks and excavators. Now, if you wanted a simple ditch dug, you would need dozens of people working night and day to make it happen. The government would have "created" a lot of jobs, but the cost of having your sewage line replaced would skyrocket!


As your representative, I will never vote to increase your taxes or to put burdens on local businesses through government regulations. I will work to reduce taxes and eliminate senseless regulations so that we can help our economy to thrive.


Politicians talk about “government spending” a lot. You’ll never hear them talk about “government earning” though. That’s because the government never really pays for anything – you do.


The tax money the state collects comes from us. It’s our money, not the government’s. If you are OK  with the government spending your money, you haven’t been paying attention! The state government wastes – or just plain loses! – millions of dollars every year.

I know that you can spend your money better than the government can. Your money, in your hands, is what provides the things that you and your family need. It’s what keeps our small businesses running and our local economy moving.

Taxes do more than take your money away from you. They raise the cost of the products and services across the board. That makes it harder for each of us take care of our families and to make ends meet. With inflation at historic levels, the last thing we need is for the state to take more away from our community! You need your money to take care of your family, and you need it more than the state does.

I don’t want to spend your money - that’s your job. As your representative, I will never vote to increase your tax burden. I will work to reduce taxes so that you can support your family and our community.


Are you happy with our government-run school? If you’re like many parents, you’re not. So why do we allow the government to force us to send our children to their schools? Why do we allow them to take our money to fund an educational system that doesn’t educate?

Ask any teacher about how children learn. They will tell you there is more than one strategy for learning, and that each child is different. There are many other educational options outside of compulsory, Prussian-model schooling.


If that’s the case, then why do we still have a “one size fits all” approach to education? As with so many other government programs, “one size fits all” means “one size fits none”. Even committed teachers doing their best can’t overcome the enforced mediocrity of government schools.


At the very least, when it comes to your child’s education, you should be able to decide how your money should be spent.  I will vote to remove government from education and give you, as a parent,  the final say on how your children are educated, and by who.


The rate of violent crimes across the Commonwealth has not decreased for nearly a decade. Our government has repeatedly failed at its most basic job: to protect life and liberty.


Despite what some may tell you, your ability to protect yourself as you see fit is a natural right. As Americans, we do not ask the government for permission to exercise that right. We do what is needed to keep ourselves, our family, and our community safe and secure.


Your ability to protect yourself is not a debatable issue. I will never vote to restrict your ability to protect yourself and your family as you see fit.


The Pennsylvania legislature has created entirely too many laws which make criminals out of peaceful people. There is a simple saying: “If there is no victim, then there is no crime”. We can see the price we have paid because our representatives have violated this simple idea. Lives have been ruined, families have been broken, and communities decimated by the prosecution of victimless crimes.

This practice must end. 


We need to refocus the criminal justice system on those who directly harm others through force and fraud. We can start by repealing those unjust laws and regulations related to victimless crimes. That will stop the law from making criminals out of peaceful people. It will also stop pitting police against the citizens they are supposed to serve and allow them to return to legitimate police work: protecting communities and keeping the peace.


There are other practices in the “justice” system that are anything but just. I would advocate for bail reform for non-violent criminals; the elimination of no-knock warrants; reversal of civil asset forfeiture laws; the repeal of qualified immunity; and mandatory jury nullification instruction from judges.


Over the past two decades, the US government has used the Pennsylvania National Guard as a military force. Our men and women have been sent to wage endless wars overseas under the guise of “training”. We have seen family members, friends, and neighbors return from these operations with injuries both physical and mental. We have seen the irreparable damage done to families and communities when loved ones failed to return at all.


I fully support the Defend the Guard initiative. This will allow our sons and daughters serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard to be deployed only in event of a Congressional Declaration of War.  Our National Guard should be here, protecting our Commonwealth, not prosecuting endless wars in far-off lands.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should be controlled by the citizens of Pennsylvania. Politicians in New York, Florida, California, Texas or any other state in the US should have the same say in how we govern our state: none at all.


All unjust federal laws should be nullified to decrease the control that other states have on our Commonwealth.